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Beautiful dark blue paintwork on new 55m AMELS 180

Last week this new 55 metre AMELS 180 revealed her beautiful dark blue paintwork to the world after very efficient final completion and commissioning. In a meticulous ‘RoFlo’ launch at the Dutch... Read more

AMELS 272: The ‘marriage’ of aluminium and steel

This week AMELS successfully completed the heaviest crane lift ever at its yard in Vlissingen. Three cranes in the newly commissioned 200-metre drydock lifted the 120 tonne aluminium superstructure... Read more

MADAME KATE’s innovative, elegant exterior effect revealed

60-metre MADAME KATE emerged from AMELS' 140-metre drydock no. 1. There’s no mistaking the distinctive avant-garde Tim Heywood designed AMELS 199 – stunning lines, although not yet at design... Read more