Damen Group

Family Values, Global Reach

AMELS has been part of DAMEN Shipyards since 1991. Founded by two brothers in 1927, family-owned DAMEN is a multinational company based in the Netherlands.
DAMEN has never lost sight of its original values or its deep


respect for the company’s maritime heritage. Its unique shipbuilding concept is based on providing the best quality, proven designs, short delivery time, low maintenance and excellent resale value.

Taking the family business global

In 1927 DAMEN was established by two brothers. After buying the company from his father in 1969, Kommer Damen built up a powerful group of 32 successful shipyards. It was Kommer Damen’s vision of applying modern production processes to bridge the gap between fully custom and semi-custom yacht building that gave rise to AMELS’ successful Limited Editions concept.

Vessels of Every Kind


DAMEN is a leader in a wide range of specialist shipbuilding, refit and conversion markets including Naval, Security, Offshore and Yachting. With a strong commitment to R&D and innovation, DAMEN is dedicated to making vessels that are faster, quieter, more cost-efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Research & Development


Why do AMELS yachts have such a reputation for sturdiness, reliability and sea-kindliness? Well, few other luxury yachts have been through such a rigorous research and development process. The AMELS team works closely with DAMEN colleagues to get the maximum benefit from the group’s outstanding research and innovation expertise and facilities.  

Yacht Support & SeaXplorer

DAMEN builds the Yacht Support range of vessels and the SeaXplorer range of expedition yachts. These two ranges benefit from the patented DAMEN SEA AXE hull form, proven in Security and Offshore markets, while their purpose-built designs meet the demands of the high-end yachting experience. The AMELS team handles sales and marketing for the DAMEN SeaXplorer and DAMEN Yacht Support ranges.

Global Overview


DAMEN has a leading position in global shipbuilding with 35 shipyards, a network of service hubs, and more than 12,000 employees around the world. Financially stable and healthy, the company has delivered more than 6000 vessels and generates an annual turnover of 2 billion euros.