Sorry, but 'good' isn't good enough!

Rembrandt. Van Gogh’s sunflowers. Tulips. Windmills. The beautiful symmetry of the 17th-century canals of Amsterdam. Holland is famous for many things, but what do they say about us? That we have an appreciation for beauty, in art, nature and science, perhaps? And if you’ve ever been to Amsterdam, well, you know that we know how to have fun too!


‘Work hard, play hard’ pretty much sums up the Dutch outlook on life. It’s the way we work at AMELS. Do everything to the best of your abilities. Whatever we do - whether it be in art, science or engineering - the Dutch like to excel. To always ask the question: how can good become great?

Land of Water

Two-thirds of our country is below sea level. No wonder our country is called The Netherlands! If we didn’t know how to manage water, Holland would be in deep trouble. So it’s no surprise that the Dutch are renowned throughout the world for our engineering prowess (for example, just 25km from the AMELS yard in Vlissingen, the Eastern Scheldt storm surge barrier protects the Dutch people from flooding from the North Sea), for our shipbuilding. It’s because our lives depend on it! 

Yachting Valley

In California they have ‘Silicon Valley’. In Holland we have ‘Yachting Valley’, a hothouse of marine expertise centred within a close-knit community. Many marine experts learn their trade at world-renowned institutes such as Delft University of Technology, or MARIN, or indeed at our parent company, DAMEN’s strong R&D division. We are fortunate to have all the expertise we need, right here on our doorstep. 

From 'Jacht' to 'Yacht'

It was the Dutch who invented the concept of yachting. The word ‘yacht’ originates from the Dutch word ‘jacht’, meaning ‘hunt’. Over time the concept of a yacht turned from a light Navy vessel for chasing pirates, to a pleasure vessel used by wealthy Dutch merchants. And so began the use of a yacht purely for pleasure, purely for fun. Can you think of a better reason to go yachting? Nor can we!