Why Yacht Support?

Owners take their vessels from the purpose-built DAMEN Yacht Support range all over the world to support the mother yacht. For adventurous owners who love making the most of their precious time at sea, this innovative solution opens up new possibilities for luxury yachting experiences.

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How does a Yacht Support Vessel improve your yachting experience?

Managing Director Rose Damen


Want to take a 60-foot tender with you? A large helicopter? A submarine and dive centre? Even if you could physically fit them on your superyacht, how much would you have to compromise on luxury spaces? Put them on your Yacht Support vessel – no compromise, no toy left behind!


  • More and larger tenders, toys, helicopters, submersibles
  • Tailor-made solutions to suit your requirements


Is your changing lifestyle pushing your superyacht beyond its limits? Pictured here with an example 85-metre superyacht (290 ft), the Yacht Support vessel provides the massive leap forward in capability that owners need, but at a much lower cost than acquiring a larger yacht. Get all the benefits of flexible operations but with a significantly lower Total Cost of Ownership. That’s what we call The Smart Stretch.


  • Huge free deck space
  • Below deck storage
  • Workshops, offices and accommodation
  • Provisions, spare parts and fuel

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Why is a Yacht Support Vessel the Smart Stretch?


Take the equipment and people you need – particularly off-the-beaten track in regions with less developed infrastructure – without turning your yacht into an overcrowded cargo carrier. You can keep your key staff close by, working in spacious, comfortable offices on board your Yacht Support vessel.


  • Accommodation for staff, pilots, guides and security personnel
  • Less noise and disruption on the mother yacht
  • Tandem cruising or just out of sight over the horizon – it’s up to you

« Interview with Captain and Heli Pilot Kenan Seginer
What is the crew’s experience?